Fair energy transition - how to get there?
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National Reports

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17 October 2022

So far, we have repeatedly provided small insights into the thoughts, hopes and fears of the people we discussed a fair energy transition with in nine European countries. Today we are proud to present the results of this work: The National Reports from all nine countries are ready!

They summarise the results of the process on national level: two dialogue phases with vulnerable and unheard citizens as well as experts to identify barriers and ideas for a fair energy transition that leaves no one behind. The main topics of the policy-recommendations for national decisionmakers are housing and mobility, but they also include access to renewable energies as well as communication and further measures to be taken. Each country has identified individual priorities and approaches. Please find the detailed reports in the list below and enjoy reading!

Next Steps

The policy recommendations from the National Reports will now be presented to policymakers and the interested public to make sure the voices and ideas of vulnerable people are heard. National outreach events will start joint discussions on how to best implement the recommended policies at the national level. In addition, the national and EU-level results of the Fair Energy Transition for All project will be analysed and compiled in a final European report.

The EU recommendations will be presented via a policy event early November 2022.

Fair Energy Transition for All – National Reports

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National Report Belgium


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National Report Bulgaria


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National Report Denmark


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National Report France


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National Report Germany


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National Report Italy


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National Report Netherlands


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National Report Poland


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National Report Spain